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HOCKEY ACADEMY Now Available in Florida for Forwards and Defense and Goaltenders

Pro style training is the mantra at the Hockey Performance Lab (HPL) training center. Pro Coach Steve Thomson is unveiling the HPL Curriculum Based Program for the youth player. Coach Thomson says “we train our players the same way we train our pro’s. We have the equipment, the curriculum, the expertise and the measuring systems that the pro’s utilize.

Coach Thomson’s Professional Hockey Academy program has been built for the true development and measuring of results for aspiring Prep, Junior, College and Pro players.

This weekly in-season program encompasses every aspect of training that a player must know in order to meet their academic, personal and career goals. The academy days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week from September 12 to May 24 morning sessions.

“This is a professional program delivered by professional hockey trainers. This is not a hobby; this is our passion and this is what we do everyday to compete at the professional ranks”, Coach Thomson said of the only full-time hockey training program in Florida.

Along with the personal hockey training and the team / association programming that HPL does all year round, this NEW Hockey Academy brings all the training components together with academic support.
HPL gives a list of features that the New Hockey Academy offers players at the Youth, Prep, Junior, College and Pro ranks.


Academics Grades 7 to 12
• Academics at the forefront with physical support and classroom, utilizing Virtual Schooling.
• Tutoring and module assistance outside of day hours
• Tailored education for optimum success as a student athlete.
On Ice
• Power SkatingGP at the Game Perspective. The HPL way “to gain or maintain speed with a puck.”
• Scoring Concepts including – Individual Attack Options with Sniper Mentality and Execution
• Defensive Skills and Concepts including Defending Options in each zone and transition play.
• Goaltending Skills for todays game – Learn technique and skills that work with your style.
• Practice and Game “Pro Etiquette” Being the consistently better player.
Performance Class
• Performance and Goal Mapping
• Mental Preparation
• Intrinsic / Extrinsic Motivational Exploring
• Competitiveness Planning
• Nutritional / Supplements Component
• Education and Career Mapping for hockey
Functional Movement Performance Training
• NHL Style Modified Combine Testing
• Human Kinetic evaluation
• Process and Functional Movement training
• Flexibility – Range of Motion Training
• Speed, Agility, Quickness Training
• Self-Directed home programming

Sport Science and Technology
• Advance skating technique for Explosive, Faster, Stronger, Balanced, High VO2 max Capacity.
• High Tech HPL Skating Treadmill
• The only OVERSPEED Training method for hockey.
• HD 1080p Video replay with Telestrator and Hybrid Zoom
• Mirrors, Lasers, Cameras, Computer feedback – Reaction time, Speed, Accuracy, Heart Rate Monitoring
• HPL Rapid Stick professional training system
• Same equipment used by Pro and College teams.
• Professionally trained coaches utilizing researched techniques
• Performance Video and Before and After-Action Photo available for athletes to review at home.
Basic Skills / Individual Skills and Tactics
• Proven Results HPL Documented curriculum
• Player evaluation Pre and Post Program
• Measured results
• Skating, Puck Handling, Passing, Shooting
• Individual skills not dependant on partner -Eg. Shooting on the move, transition skate w/puck
• Individual Tactics not dependant on a partner – Eg. Angling, Mid Ice Engaging, Turn Up
Professional Teaching Coaches
• 300+ skill Curriculum developed by 25 + year professional coach
• Coaches with experience and a strong background as a player or coach at the Junior, Collegiate, Professional and International Ranks.

With a program outline like that, it is easy to see why HPL members have major success stories. More information and a complete training schedule is available at www.HockeyPerformanceLab.com or call 386-487-2212.

HPL is located on the 2nd floor of the Daytona Int’l Skateway and is open 52 weeks a year.
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