Pro Training Video Technology For Youth Players Today

When you walk into the HPL Hockey Training facility located on the 2nd Floor of Daytona International Skateway, you can’t help having that feeling like a kid in a candy store. Coach Steve says “ a lot of parents exclaim wow we never had this when we played, I’d be here every day” . Well Coach Steve feels pretty lucky to be heading up this Hockey Heaven.

The Daytona International Skateway location boasts the same technology that is usually reserved for the professional ranks, that is now available to our youth players. The skating treadmill as HPL’s center piece, is the same one used at Colleges and Professional Teams around the world.


“We use the skating treadmill to work on the player’s technique and increase the players stride length that ultimately makes the player a faster skater. The longer the stride – the faster the skater”, Coach Steve points out. The Skating treadmill which is affixed with lasers for stride guidance, sits in front of massive mirrors that allow the players to see themselves and how their body and stride moves. This allows HPL instructors to make changes to a players stride, on the fly. Something that cannot be done on the ice as the players cannot view themselves in real time.


The Training Rink has a full length synthetic ice surface is large enough to teach skating skills, shooting skills, puckhandling and goaltending skills as well.


Along with great instructors that are with the player every step of the way, is the instant HD Video Review with Slow Motion and Telestrator. ‘We have the ability to give instant video feed back including side by side video comparisons as the player is in rest/ recovery mode between reps. When the players see the body angles drawn on the large screen monitor or the replay that is focusing right down to a full screen Zoom view of the toe snapping at the end of the stride.


The player is better armed with information to make the adjustment. Just when you thought that was it, Coach Steve demonstrates an instant screen shot with the technical mark ups and then automatically emails it to the player on the spot for a permanent record. HPL Instructors can also bring this down to ice level during on ice clinics and for their teams and players and using the same technology HPL can monitor a players Heart Rate real time on the large monitor to confirm training objectives.


“We train everyone the same way we train our pro’s.” Says Coach Steve.”Now players have access to the same equipment and sport science knowledge, so they can get better and see success every session and make it to the next level or reach their playing goals.”


HPL is truly the place where sport science and state of the art technology and professional coaching come together to build the consistently better player.